Online workshop bookings are now closed! All further bookings or queries will be handled by our reception at the venue. Reception opens at 12pm. See you all there!



Booking Change

Unfortunately one of our teachers has been injured and cannot make EAAC. Anyone who has booked onto Boldo's class, please check if it has been cancelled or a new teacher assigned. Apologies for the short notice. We wish Boldo a very speedy recovery.


Good news: Jamie Swan is back teaching with us therfore we have more Straps classes! 


EAAC 2013 is now OPEN!

Registration is now open for you to get your tickets

Workshop Booking will be open to students from 12am Sunday 4th (that's the midnight between Saturday and Sunday) We had hoped to have it done sooner but ....286 workshops.....


Mark & Charmaine


We have 286 workshops which we are currently loading onto the website. We have 45 instructors already confirmed, coming to the convention to teach you their unique skills.

This year we are bringing back the EAAC show on the Saturday, which is free and open to EAAC ticket holders.

Registration is still at £149 until 31st of August then £199 onwards.  

The entry fee gives you access to the EAAC and all workshops starting at 12PM on Friday 6th September and finishing 6PM on Sunday 8th September 2013, this also includes entry to the EAAC show.  


Volunteers Needed


Please remember this is a non-profit event and we use 100% of your ticket money to bring you the best teachers, workshops and experience we can. All EAAC staff and organizers give up their time for free and we are always in need of additional volunteers. We cannot keep the costs down to the low price we have without your help. 

  • Riggers
  • Reception
  • Setup everyone welcome to help and we will need a lot of help
  • Everyone please be available from 6 - 8pm on Sunday to help take out the equipment.
  • Drivers (1 with 7.5 tonne truck license)
  • Show support


Confirmed Teachers:

  • Aedin Walsh
  • Formafortis
  • Alexanda Hofgartner
  • Amy Barlow
  • Andrew Green
  • Ari Levanael
  • Ben Collis
  • Cameron Good
  • Carolina Tironi
  • Cat Harrison
  • Debbie Robbins
  • Freya Morton
  • Gandolf
  • Genevieve Monastesse
  • Glasgow Parkour
  • Hamish Tjoeng
  • Hang Aerial Dance
  • Iona Kewney
  • Jamie-Lee McNaughton
  • Jamie Swan
  • Jen Robinson
  • Jono Ayres
  • Juliette Hardy-Donaldson
  • Lucy Deacon
  • Kat Barrass
  • Kate McWilliam
  • Mark Holland
  • Rita van Opzeeland
  • Rose Donnelly
  • Ruaraidh Milne
  • Sammy Dineen
  • Sarah Holmes 
  • Sharisse Tindell
  • Sibling Alliance 
  • Stichting Staple 
  • Suzy Q & Toby J
  • Tamzen Moulding
  • Tuk Fredriksen & Sofie
  • Tuyo Acrobats


  • Acro (beg - Adv)
  • Acrobatics (beg & Int)
  • Acro Yoga
  • Bungee Harness
  • Bungee Trapeze
  • Static cloud
  • Flexibility
  • Handstands (Beg - Adv)
  • Hoop (Beg - Adv)
  • Creative Hoop
  • Parkour
  • Pilates
  • Pilates for acrobats and aerialists
  • Pole (Absolute beg - Adv)
  • Rope (Beg - Adv)
  • Silks (Beg - Adv)
  • Spanish Web
  • Straps (Beg & Int)
  • Stretch
  • Teeterboard
  • Doubles Trap (Beg - Adv)
  • Trapeze (Beg - Adv)
  • Yoga

Places are limited so book now!