Registration is now open for you to get your tickets.

Registration is now open for you to purchase your tickets.

This year's event runs from the 5th to 7th September with 4th to help set up. Please come early to help set up as there are plenty of jobs to do and a very small team. We rely on you to help keep costs down and keep it at an affordable rate.

We have many workshops planned this year and are working on more, Last year we had 287 workshops and 50 teachers, this year we will continue to add information to this website and release news on the Aerial Edge newsletter so make sure you have subscribed.

Discounted Tickets

To those who book early we give a discounted rate as that helps us to manage the budget

The August Discount Ticket which includes a ticket to the show is £249 this is available until the end of August.

From September 1st tickets will be £299

Workshop Booking

Workshop timetable will be available to students by August 11th. Booking will be available as soon after this as possible but it takes several days to load in the 323 workshops in this years event!

Look forward to seeing you all there

Regards Mark & Charmaine