Charmaine Piggott (Aus)

Aerial 1Charmaine has trained in static trapeze for the last 15 years and has taught for 14 of those!
She first trained, and taught at Aerialize in Sydney before teaching in Glasgow and The Hangar, London. She met Mark Gibson whilst training at The Circus Space (now National Centre for Circus Arts) and they set up Aerial Edge in London in 2007 before moving the school to Glasgow where they have been based for the last 7 years.
Charmaine has an encyclopedic knowledge of static trapeze techniques and is passionate about the need for a high standard of tuition in circus work, and conditioning, there’s always time for conditioning!
Charmaine began veterinary nursing at the same time that she discovered trapeze. She has worked in both vocations simultaneously for the last 15 years and they both share equal importance in her life.
She is currently training and teaching at Aerialize and for Suzie Q pole studio (teaching aerials) in Sydney. She is also responsible for programming all workshops and managing the teachers at EAAC.