Gandolf (Edinburgh)

As a teenager I liked to play Acro, no training, just improvising.

Judo was my first formal introduction to balance and movement, followed by modern dance with a troupe in the 60’s.

With free climbing (no ropes) I developed evaluation-of-risk, balance and a taste for getting on top of things. Self-taught in tightrope by making a rig on a beach in Spain when a rope washed up, I built my own block and tackle to tension the rope. At an arts and circus celebration in

At an arts and circus celebration in Copenhagen, I taught 4 days of tightrope workshops and later had a portable tightrope which I took to festivals, and taught walking. I was introduced to more formality in acro when some people at juggling conventions would get aside to do acro, some of whom had formal training.

I’ve been running “Tollcross State Circus” for the past 20 years, a circus club in Edinburgh which has been going 30+ years. We have a free-standing tightwire rig. I used to perform and teach workshops in juggling and acro. The last 8 years has seen great growth of acrobalance at  Tollcross State Circus, which I often coach.

I have led workshops at all previous EAAC conventions and was one of the organisers once.