Hamish Tjoeng (Bristol)

Hamish 2 Hamish 1Hamish was born in Brisbane, Australia. After a foray into massage therapy, he was introduced to Circus at Aerialize in Sydney. This ignited a passion which took him to Bristol, to study circus at Circomedia (UK); where his majors where Rope and Physical Theatre. After graduation Hamish furthered his education at FLIC (Italy), Ecole Philippe Gaulier (France) & DOCH (Sweden), where he is currently studying on the MA in Contemporary Circus Practices.
Amongst a diverse field of creations Hamish has worked & collaborated with directors & companies, John-Paul Zaccarini (Company FZ) , Ockham’s Razor,  Keziah Serreau (STRIKE!), Ben Duke ( Lost Dog Dance), Firenza Guidi & Mark Storor (Puffball) on projects grand & intimate. Hamish continues to push & pursue work inspired by the innate beauty within our daily lives.
When teaching Hamish places emphasis on technique and the joy of experimentation that each student can bring to certain ‘tricks’.