Jen Paterson (Edinburgh)

Jennifer Paterson is an aerial and dance artist and Artistic Director of All or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre.  Jennifer has performed worldwide with companies/directors including Boilerhouse, Catherine Wheels / National Theatre Scotland, Cora Bissett / The Arches, Curious Seed, Fidget Feet, Gravity & Levity, Iron Oxide, London Olympic Ceremonies, Mark Murphy, Off Kilter, Plan B and Room 2 Manoeuvre.

Jennifer was first introduced to harness with Scarabeus, hanging from boats, buildings & bursting through glass ceilings with them, and flying from cranes for Fidget Feet & Iron Oxide Performance Companies.   Wanting to create work that involved harness in Scotland, she set up Flying High, a programme to train dancers and professional performers in aerial harness techniques, bringing industry experts to Scotland, getting more people flying and bringing it into her creative work.

With All or Nothing she has been helping to establish aerial arts within the cultural fabric of Scotland, touring theatres, creating for one-off events, running successful training programmes for both the community and professional sectors, teaching, mentoring and providing greater opportunities to experience aerial, dance & theatre. 

I am really excited to be here at EAAC – not only being part of this huge convention but being able to teach wall running – sad that this is happening in its final year!