Juliette Hardy- Donaldson

Juliette trained originally as a dancer in the 80’s then became an acrobat and aerial artiste in international touring circus for many years, specialising mainly in swinging trapeze and doubles trapeze (as Suspended Animation), then doubles cordes, balance perch and casting cradle (as Duo Vertigo) and retiring from performance finally in 2008.

As well as performing worldwide, she has also taught dance, acrobatics and aerial skills for decades. She worked as a creative on notable large scale productions such as Batman Live World Arena Tour (2011-13) and Barnum the Musical UK Tour (2014-15). She also worked as the Head of Aerial and then the Head of Circus Delivery at the National Centre for Circus Arts (formerly Circus Space) from Summer 2003 up until Summer 2016, training mainly dynamic aerial skills (swinging, flying, cradle) and tightwire as well as designing and supervising the delivery of the HE curriculum and managing the creative aspects of student performances.

Juliette has since left London to move to Saddleworth and start her own Pilates business. As a qualified Body Control Pilates teacher she is keen to progress all her clients effectively in a safe environment and believes that Pilates can prevent and rehab injury as well as generally improve functional movement- essential for any physical performer.

Juliette’s philosophy is that training is a serious business which should be safe, effective and fun to do!