Simon Chick (Wales)

Jun 5, 2015 093521 amSimon Chick started trampolining 25 years ago in Bridgend as a child and has gone on to compete internationally for almost two decades. He has also trained in parkour, tumbling, sports acrobatics, cheerleading, judo, kickboxing and climbing. He runs a trampoline club in Bridgend and coaches performers at all levels, many of whom have competed for their country.
More recently he has turned his attention to circus in performance, training and directing roles. He has been the Lead Acrobatics trainer at NoFit State Circus over the past year whilst performing with their Open House tour and cabaret events. He has also performed with the LUxe arts performing group at this years Chinese new year night parades and Dublin’s new year parade performing street acrobatics, Chinese pole and Dance.
He believes well developed foundations to be the key to success of all ambition, after all, we all have to start somewhere and the first step is often the most exciting!