Susanne Preissler (Germany)

At the age of 13 Susanne discovered her passion for Artistic Gymnastics and went on to compete for a regional club in Southern Germany. Hours of daily training were soon part of her schedule. She trained as an Engineer for Biomechanics and Sports Medicine and worked in Australia, Scotland and Florida for several years but always managed to find training partners and facilities. Whenever Gymnastics training was not an option she practised different related sports such as Musical, Dance, Figure Skating and German Wheel.

In 2009 Susanne moved back to her home country Germany and – by chance – met her Duo Silks partner who introduced her to the world of Aerial Arts. Soon the two were asked if they would perform at a regional event and from then on more invitations followed. Susanne has since performed internationally solo, duo and group show acts. In 2013 Susanne decided to make her passion her full-time job and became self-employed as an Aerialist.

Today she is performing in theatre and opera productions, variety shows and for corporate events all over the world. Her speciality is Aerial Silks but she also performs on Hoop and Loop Straps. Susanne is a very powerful Aerialist who most enjoys learning, creating, refining and sharing sequences on silks. She is based in Münster, Germany and has recently opened her aerial studio “FlyFit”.